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2 Serious Signs Your Car's Brake Rotors Need Immediate Replacement

Lately, while driving your car, you may have noticed that your vehicle does not stop as quickly as it should when you apply the brakes. While this issue could be fixed simply by replacing the brake pads, there are a couple of signs for which you should be on the lookout indicating that there is a more serious issue involving severely worn brake rotors.

1. Car Vibrates Violently Whenever You Apply the Brakes

Normally, when you step on the brakes, you do not feel much more than a slight lurch of your car as it slows down. When in good condition, the brake calipers run the pads along the rotors to create enough friction to stop the wheels from turning.

However, if the rotors have deep ruts or even breaks in the metal, you may notice that your car vibrates violently whenever you apply the brakes. Because the surfaces of the rotors are no longer smooth, the pads run unevenly on the metal.

Even if you are able to stop your vehicle, the uneven surfaces of the rotors will eventually tear at and wear down the pads. Since this process can happen relatively faster than usual, your pads may no longer have enough metal to slow and stop your car, making it dangerous to continue driving without having the rotors and possibly the pads replaced.

2.  Metal Shavings Are Present on the Surface of Your Rims and Hubcaps 

Another sign that your rotors have sustained serious damage that warrants immediate replacement is the presence of metal shavings on the surface of your rims and hubcaps. As the rotors wear down and are subjected to friction every time you brake, the surface metal will actually be scraped off, creating a dusty layer.

However, it can be difficult to tell the difference between metal shavings and road dust. To help with your investigation, put on a pair of light-colored gloves, and gently run your finger through the dust on the wheels.

Hold your finger up to the light to see if the dust sparkles. If so, there are most likely metal shavings mixed in with the dust that could indicate severely worn out rotors.

If you are experiencing violent shaking of your car when you apply your brakes or find metal shavings around the car's wheels, your rotors have severe damage that makes it unsafe to continue driving. Take your car as soon as possible to a brake repair to have them inspect the rotors and replace them if necessary.

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