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How To Know When You Need New Car Tires

Great tires make driving a breeze. When your tires are fully pumped up and have the right amount of tread, you seem to glide along the road without missing a beat. This is the ideal way to navigate a vehicle, but it's inevitable that your tires will eventually start to run down. If you aren't aware of the signs, you could totally overlook the fact that you need new tires. Pay close attention when you're behind the wheel and if you find yourself dealing with any of the following situations, it's time to get to a car tire sales facility.

You Recently Drove A Long Way With A Spare Tire

A spare tire is usually smaller than your other tires for a reason. The "donut" is designed to serve as a very temporary replacement that you use as a holding tire until you're able to get a new unit. Trying to make the spare tire act like the full-size versions could have some very dire consequences.

Generally speaking, you basically shouldn't drive faster than 50 miles per hour (mph) and no more than 50 miles total on a spare tire. If you push past these standard limits you're essentially asking for trouble.

Although you may have wanted to adhere to the rules, you might not have had the money at the time to purchase a new tire. All you could do was pray that the spare would hold up and wait patiently for payday to arrive.

The longer you drive your car with the spare the more wear is done to the other tires. When you go in to buy the tire to replace the spare have the auto technician also take a look at the remaining tires to see if they're still in drivable condition.

Tire Threads Are Becoming More Noticeable

If possible, try to make it a habit to examine your tires each time you get into the car. This is a very good practice because it allows you to pick up on things that you could easily miss without the examination.

Check your tires to see if there are multiple threads hanging off of them. Those threads could be a telltale sign that your tires are wearing out and need to be replaced.

Keeping good tires on your car protects you while you're enjoying your time on the road. Make your tires a priority so you'll always know when it's time to buy a new set.

For more information on car tires, reach out to an auto tire shop near you.