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Assessments To Make With Used Sleeper Commercial Trucks

Sleeper commercial trucks are very convenient for long drives in that they have cabins for rest and sleeping. If you have plans of buying used, but still getting something that works out great, be sure to assess certain things before deciding on something in particular. 

Rest Cabin Size and Comfort 

A primary reason why people go with sleeper commercial trucks as opposed to other options is to sleep in the back cabin. If you'll be doing this quite a bit on your hauls, then make sure you spend some time in this rest cabin before making your selection.

You need to put yourself in this area so that you have a total understanding of the space you'll be working with day and night. If the sleeper rig comes with a mattress, then test it out too for several hours if possible so that you can see if it will work or if it needs to be swapped out for something else. 

Condition of Major Parts

If you're going with a sleeper rig that is considerably old or just has a lot of miles on it, then pay close attention to the condition of all major parts. You need to know if they're damaged or not and also see exactly how they perform in real-time driving situations.

These major parts for used sleeper rigs should include the engine, transmission, battery, air conditioning, heater, oil reservoir, brakes, and axle. If any of these parts have glaring problems that shouldn't be ignored, make sure a thorough assessment is done so that you know up front what repairs and costs are required.


A sleeper commercial truck is quite the investment, even if you are buying one that's more than a few years old. You want to be content with this purchase for as long as possible, which makes it necessary to closely look at the longevity that the used sleeper commercial truck still has left.

How many years do you think major parts on the sleeper rig will hold up and how long can you remain safe in this commercial truck? Making these assessments early on in your search will help your money go towards a good trucking investment. 

If you have the chance to buy a used sleeper commercial truck, then make the most out of it by looking closely at buying factors that will play a huge role in your current or future trucking career. 

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