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3 Simple Questions To Ask About Your Flywheel

The flywheel is a critical component in any vehicle with a manual transmission. This large, heavy disc acts as both a store of energy and a drivetrain balancing component. Issues with the flywheel can significantly impact your car's drivability while making shifting challenging and unpleasant. Severe flywheel issues can affect your vehicle even while it's already in gear.

If you're replacing your car's clutch, it's the perfect time to evaluate your flywheel and either resurface or replace it. Many clutch replacement kits include a new flywheel, but reconditioning your existing flywheel is often a more cost-effective option. These three questions will help you decide if you should address your flywheel along with your clutch.

1. Were You Noticing Driveability Symptoms?

Flywheel issues can often present some troubling symptoms in addition to the usual problems with a worn clutch. A failing clutch typically causes slippage and may make it difficult to put your car into gear. On the other hand, issues with a flywheel will often introduce vibrations. You may notice these when engaging or disengaging the clutch during gear shifts or while getting your car moving.

Always carefully inspect your flywheel if you've noticed any of these issues while driving. A resurfacing will restore the flywheel's surface and ensure that your new clutch allows you to shift smoothly again. Note that a damaged flywheel can cause rapid clutch wear, so this process will also ensure that your new clutch doesn't wear out before its time.

2. Are There Visible Hotspots?

Hotspots show up on the surface of your flywheel as shiny areas. These spots occur due to excessive heating, and they're an indication that the metal has transformed into a more rigid material. Hot spots can cause clutch chatter and generally make your car much less pleasant to drive under normal conditions.

If you can see hotspots on your flywheel, you'll need to address them before installing a new clutch. Not all hot spots are fixable, so take your flywheel to a qualified shop for evaluation. They should be able to tell you whether resurfacing the disc will be sufficient to restore its surface.

3. Are You Keeping Your Car Long-Term?

Flywheel resurfacing can make your car easier to drive and shift, but it also helps ensure the durability of your new clutch. If you're planning to keep your vehicle for the long term, the cost of resurfacing your flywheel is relatively tiny compared to the cost of another clutch replacement. Performing a resurfacing with your clutch replacement will help keep your transmission trouble-free for many more years.

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